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Anathema Online Players' Guide
As you can see below the copyright information, we at Anathema Online are complete firefox supporters. There are several, very simple reasons behind this.

We have ALL been Internet Explorer users at some point, and this has most often been what drove us to switching to Firefox. When surfing with Internet Explorer, we encountered dozens of popups, had our computer plagued with spyware, and simply suffered at the hands of a subpar piece of software. It was a lot like going for a walk in the park with a pair of shoes made of barbed wire. You could do it, sure... But it just plain sucks.

Firefox is far better than Internet Explorer because :
It is far more secure
Tabbed browsing
Far easier to configure and understand
Completely customizeable with skins, and more importantly, plugins that will enhance the functionality of your browser
Extremely powerful popup blocking
Download Manager

Of course, I could continue listing the less significant reasons why you should switch, but I would be up here all night. The main reason is that it looks better, feels better, and is FAR more secure. There is one other reason, however;

Anathema Online looks FAR better in Firefox, than it does in IE.

Screenshots in Firefox
Main Page
Members List
Control Panel
View Building
View Town

If none of that could convince you, you're simply a lost cause, now.