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Anathema Online Players' Guide
Though we have tried our best to make the gameplay as simple as possible, it is true that some of the features may grow to be somewhat confusing. Therefore, we have compiled this guide to clear up any confusion.
The guide is organized in two sections; A basic, very bare bones overview of the features that will be accessible immediately upon character creation, and a highly in depth series of articles specific to each individual feature, explaining every aspect.

Of course, if you find that the guide has not answered your question, you are free to post a question on the Help category of the OOC boards.

Beginner's Guide of the Basics
Omniscient Knowledge Regulations
The Code of Common Courtesy

In-Depth Articles
Getting Involved in Anathema Online
New to AO? (Or the Quick Guide Guide)
Omniscient Knowledge and View Memories
The Combat System
Creating Items
Mining/Gathering Crude Resources and Forging Weapons/Armour
Character Skills
Non-Player Characters Speech
Slavery (Owning one and being one)
Creating and Owning Buildings
Drunkenness, Fatigue and Hunger
Tips on Roleplaying on AO (Writing Style, Keeping in Character)
Making Money
Private Businesses
The Hierarchy
Hiring Citizen NPCs
Spell Casting
Secret Doors/Passages
NPC Animal Diets
Training a Mount
Staff Page
Card Games: The Player's Guide
Card Games: The Dealer's Guide
List of Buildings with Prices etc
Managing a Town