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History of the Land
Major Event
  • Pre-500 BCA
Humans, dwarves, and elves evolve and start forming their respective communities. The humans settle around the shore of the peninsula, the dwarves in the mountains, and the elves across the sea
  • 300 BCA
The human cities Tor'Dagar and Yosh'Gallian grow prominent along the opposite shores
  • 100 BCA
After a century of tension between the two cities, Tor'Dagar is pillaged and ruined by Yosh'Gallians warriors; the city is burned and the survivors taken as prisoners
  • 30 BCA
Jarvek Al'Thaden is born, a distant cousin to the throne
  • 10 BCA
With no heir to the throne, civil discontent rises as the monarchs die
  • 0
Jarvek seizes the throne with his word and sword, having successfully gathered enough followers for himself. He changes Yosh'Gallian to Arithmere, and names it the capital of his new nation Al'Thania
  • 45
Jarvek Al'Thaden dies at the age of 75, having created a peaceful city with bolstering trade. Mathis, his second son, ascends the throne
  • 87
Mathis dies, having led a peaceful but prosperous city. His grandson Markus is made King
  • 92
Markus, with the help of the dwarves, forges a permanent pass through the mountains to the mainland, helping traders travel without being raided by orc bandits. He builds a fortress on the mainland to help maintain the integrity of the pass.
  • 100
The nation's 100th anniversary is marked by Markus's vast expansion using stone walls to protect his people from the growing population of orcs
  • 111
After a great storm, a foreign sea vessel arrives, the crew speaking of their home wonders on distant waters. Markus welcomes them to his city and ascents to their trade goods. They return every few years, but guard the secret of their route jealously
  • 133
At age 71, Markus, deemed Markus the Great, dies, leaving his son Corin to reign
  • 134
Corin is assassinated by a mysterious assailant, and Viktor ascends the throne
  • 156
A sea wall is built around the port of Arithmere, to protect the harbour from both the harsh winds and the occasional pirate raid
  • 170
The elves, secluded from the rest of the world in Nathul’Fairn Shyr are driven out of their home by one of their own kind. They scatter, and some come by sea to Arithmere, seeking refuge under the startled humans who have only heard legends of their race
  • 174
Niklas, Viktor's son, takes the crown from his late father
  • 200
The second century of Arithmere is celebrated by the elevation of Jarvek's and Markus' statues in the city square
  • 205
Niklas's only son goes on a year long tour with his entourage to view the outlying villages, and then towards the mountain pass to the fortress
  • 205
A trembling of the earth sets off an enormous avalanche, which effectively destroys the entire pass. Communication with the Prince's entourage is stopped, and his grandson is forced to represent the throne
  • 207
After two years of being unable to communicate or trade to the mainland without expending massive resources on sea fare, Arithmere is forced to rely on local resources, and Tommi declares his father dead, thus securing the crown
  • 230
With food and resources being scarcer, the problem of orc bandits increase and Tommi evokes a heavy bounty for all orc heads
  • 245
The king dies in his sleep, and his son Aaron is pronounced king
  • 278
The Black Plague begins to spread through the lower ranks of society, and passes on eventually to the nobility and royalty. A great many die, including King Aaron. Azreal also succumbs to it, but recovers and takes the throne
  • 289
With the recovery from the Plague and continued strained communication to the mainland by sea, Azreal decides to head an expedition to the mainland and the fortress, despite warnings of his health from his councillors
  • 291
Azreal takes his expedition on water, and travels towards the mountain fortress. Upon arrival the expedition is attacked by goblins. Azreal is killed, and the survivors flee, some back to the boats, and others into the woods
  • 292
With the tattered expedition's return, Jani Al'Thaden, Azreal's younger brother, is forced to take the throne
  • 300
The fourth century of Al'Thania commences, witnessing the recovery of both the Plague and the Azreal's death. The city prospers again, though without the aid of the north.