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Irshad12:26 PM April 4th 2009
I probably should have mentioned this a while ago, but Anathema Online unofficially closed in October 2008. The website will remain open, however, until November 2009, as I have already paid for the hosting. So, until then, you guys are free to use the tools given here for your own RPs. I will not, however, be fixing any bugs (of which there are many), and will not be present, for the most part, to administrate anything.

In the mean time, I will be working on another game, similar to AO, but with a greater emphasis on the RPG aspect of it. This new game, however, will have a much more developed AI system, as well as pre-written content which will be a central point of the game (quests and the like). This new game will be less based on the massively multiplayer interaction on a grand scale (though this won't be any less possible than in AO). It will be centred moreso upon your own little party, and their interactions with NPCs (whom as I said before, will be FAR more developed, to serve as a competant replacement of normal users), and their interactions with eachother. This way, people will be less frustrated with shorter wait times. I repeat, users will still have the option of interacting with others all across the userbase, but there will be the aformentioned alternative.

That is all.

Irshad11:22 AM September 30th 2008
Okay, so slowly enough, I will be working on the things I suggested about simplicity and various changes to the NPC system. Very slowly. It's kind of like you're changing clothes, and you first have to take the clothes off, then you stand around naked like a douche for a while, before you actually pull on new clothes.

School has got me busy, as has apathy and indifference towards you folks, but it will get done sooner or later. I've started off with removing the ability to shoot arrows (the long-range arrow ability. The archery skill still exists) from users and NPCs alike. I also fixed the block command so that you can no longer block the entry doors to a caravan/ship.

Beware. I am considering removing the ability to altogether lockdown buildings.

Irshad5:33 PM August 28th 2008
Seals and Signets

Back in medieval times, in order to prove that a document was official, it bore the seal of a very important person, engraved in wax. This was done by pouring hot wax (usually red) onto the page in a little puddle and pressing one's signet (often in the form of a ring or a pendant) into it before it dried.

Since guilds and "official documents" are becoming more and more important, I have implemented a very simple seal system. You can create a seal/signet the same way you create clothing or hairstyles. Simply select on the dropdown menu "Create an Item" on the navigation bar, and go down to "Seal Stamp/Signet."

You must create an image of a seal (100px by 100px). Then, once you have your seal/signet item, you will be able to use it through your inventory to mark anything document or piece of prose you are carrying. Once an item has been stamped, no one else will be able to add to it, and the seal will appear on the page on which you read the document itself.

These signets are items, however, and CAN BE STOLEN. This means that if someone nabs your signet, they will be able to do the equivalent of forging your signature.

Irshad12:26 AM August 28th 2008
Today has been a long day.

Yesterday, it was decided in the chatroom that movement in Arithmere is too confusing. There are just too many buildings, and instead of resulting in a city that seems large, it results in a cluttered, disorganized mess. So, today I worked on ripping out the spine of our fair city and remodelling it into several "districts."

Now, a district can be owned by anyone, and can be created by anyone. However, it is very expensive. Right off the bat, a district inside the city is 6000 gold (outside of the city, 5000 gold). On top of that, you must pay a fee for every type of building you would like to allow people to build on your land. Only huts, open spaces, roads and gardens come free.

Anyways, we now have several different districts, each one connected by various roads. I've also made it so that one station can connect to many different stations, instead of just one - hopefully this will help make moving less irritating.

Finally, please note the alleyways that shoot off of some of the main streets of districts. These alleyways are set to restricted viewing, so if you happen to do anything shady there, others will not be able to read your post.

Irshad12:19 PM August 25th 2008
Blacksmiths become more important!

Now, working with iron will be added to the list of abilities EXCLUSIVE to blacksmiths. Anyone who is not a hired blacksmith will be limited to bronze, wood, etc. This is in the attempt to make blacksmiths more valuable, just as our last change involving healing (food no longer instantly heals your character, but the rate at which your character will heal will be determined by their hunger) was largely used to make medics more useful.

Irshad8:59 PM August 24th 2008
Training a Mount. If you're interested in getting yourself a mount, make sure you read this guide article.

Irshad12:53 AM August 23rd 2008

Indeed. I've put mounts into the game - in other words, animals that can be ridden. It has been suggested that I put these in for a long time (I remember pondering over the concept back in November, I think), but I had always decided that they proved to be too great an advantage to a person that had one. Finally, I've decided to implement them - they're rather strange, though.

This is only really important for those who want to TRAIN mounts as a job, or take them into battle

First off, several kinds of NPC creatures can be mounted, including horses, mules, bears, barghests and manticores. These are basically the bigger animals in the game. Beware, though that the OLDER animals that were spawned before this update was put in will still not be mountable. My apologies about that.

Anyways, so the advantages that come with riding a mount come as follows; roll and damage bonuses, as well as greater speed when travelling by roads, and the ability to carry a LOT of weight. The cons: a great risk of hurting one's self when falling off (40-60 damage), and a crowd of rather uppity animals.

To be quite honest, an animal will not be safe to ride if they were just captured in the wild - especially if your character is not at all skilled in riding. Even getting onto the mount can spook it, causing it to try to throw your character off. When this happens, you must post attempting to stay on the creature. Whether you succeed or not will depend on previously gathered skill in riding, as well as the animal's mood and the wordcount of your post. The mounts can also get spooked if they get hurt and are not used to pain.

Training them involves a lot of.. well, whipping. Whipping your mount will urge them to perform better, and also slowly develop their skills. They will be able to endure more pain, run faster, and also give you increased roll and damage bonuses. However, when you whip your mount, they will get angry. If you whip them too much in a short period of time, they will try to retaliate.

Of course, this isn't all beating animals - we're not that cruel. You also must feed them. If they are left without food for more than a week, they will start to get pissed off. Also, mind the fact that feeding them won't make them happy right away - they will still hate you temporarily if you beat them too much.

Finally, I will make it clear that when you're riding your mount, whipping them WILL make them perform better short-term, despite risking having them toss you off. The angrier they get, the more focused they will be.

For those who want to merely use mounts for travel, all you need to know is the following:

Don't be too rough with your mount, try not to get them into any terribly violet situations, and remember to feed them at least once a week. (Hey, for those of you who are looking to come up with new business possibilities, look at the idea of caring for others' mounts, or even safe housing solutions)

A guide article about the mounts and how they differ will be put up tomorrow when I am more awake.

Irshad7:28 PM August 7th 2008
You heard it here first, folks.

I, Irshad, am back from Southeast Asia; I meandered about Tokyo, Bangkok, Chiang Mai, Penang, Langkawi, Kuala Lumpur, Singapore and Bali. But that's not important. What is important are the myriad of changes that I had put in before I left and kind of FORGOT TO TELL YOU ABOUT. Ahahaha. Good job, kiddo. Good job.

Anyways, I'll try to remember them - if I don't recall all of them, I will sooner or later.

Towns are now open for creation!
Create a village for 7500 gold. You get NO roll bonus for this, just a town to protect. You do, however, gain the title of Governor. Once your town attracts others and new buildings spring up, you can upgrade it to a town for another 7500 gold. This makes you a baron. Once the town develops further, you can upgrade it to the capital of a kingdom, or a city state of sorts for 5000 gold. This makes you a king.

NPC Rumours
There are a bunch of "citizen" NPCs roaming about. These are NPCs that have not been created by any users, and are not beasties looking to kill you. You can talk to them, and they will gossip to you. You can tell them gossip, as well as hear gossip from them using the "Speak to NPC" command. They will spread whatever news you tell them to any other citizen NPCs they meet.

Bonus Skills > Classes
Once you have written 150 posts, you can upgrade your character's bonus skill into a class. Depending on what bonus skill you have chosen, you may be able to choose from one or two classes (most bonus skills only have one class tied to them). These classes will give you extra abilities related to the skill. However, read the description carefully before picking, as some of the classes also come with drawbacks, as you are *specializing* in a field. Some people may choose not to upgrade at all, as it may not suit their characters, or their intentions.

Default Clothes for New Characters
Default clothes have *mostly* been taken out of the equation. Now, when you create a character, you will be able to pick the clothes you start off with in the same window that you pick your avatar base and hairstyle. The clothes available will be those sold in shops. You will be given a limit of 300 gold on your selections, however. If you do not spend the full 300 gold, whatever is left will be given to your character. Abuse this, and our revenge will be decisive and unsavoury.

Ryth7:37 PM February 21st 2008
I have placed AO into Read-Only mode until further notice, pending Irshad's return from his vacation. I apologize for any inconvenience this will cause you.

As you may or may not know, there are a few roleplay issues that have surfaced- serious ones. I feel that I must do this in order to preserve the environment so that our fearless leader can make an informed decision when he returns.

Again, I apologize for any inconvenience.


PS: If you would like to get in touch with me, I encourage you to make use of our chat here.

PPS: I can't say much, only that there was a very bad OM case involving key royalty characters and is very game breaking.

PPPS: Seriously. Use the chat.

Irshad1:42 AM January 18th 2008
Well, look at that. It's reset time again! All accounts have been cleared off while I prepare the site for its reopening. When will it be reopened? Soon. We're hoping for Sunday or earlier, but things can always turn for the worse. Either way, it will be done soon. For now, you can all enjoy the new map.