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Anathema Online Players' Guide
Since we allow our users to customize their avatars fully, they're obviously going to need the base images of the avatars. The naked people, yes. We will post all the image resources people need to create those images. As for programs, Photoshop is recommended; however, its very expensive. But, not to worry! There's a free alternative; "Gimp".

Of course, even beginners have no reason to be intimidated; the artistic skill involved with creating clothes is quite minimal, since the avatars are so small. If you need help to start off, you can ask around on the OOC Boards, for some pixel art tutorials.

Anyways, the bases are below. Simply copy and paste (or save and import) them into your image editor of choice, and work away.

Yes! I've made a tutorial, for all those who find clothing creation confusing.Hopefully, this will simplify it --> The Tutorial
The above tutorial is pretty outdated, so I've made a new tutorial, which goes far more in-depth and reveals a few interesting techniques.
The Newer Tutorial

Mind the fact that the background used is #510505.

Anathema Online Players' Guide
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Female Bases

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