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Anathema Online
In order to preserve the environment of Anathema Online, it is imperative that ALL users abide strictly by the rules. Any deviation from these standards will result in immediate punishment. Most punishments will probably involve a permanent ban.

The following will not be tolerated :
Use of omniscient knowledge (Making your character know things it shouldn't). MAKE SURE you're familar with these OM regulations
Chatspeak (i think u r dum)
Excessive use of OOC, even in the OOC setting
Any in-game OOC without the OOC setting
Posts irrelevant to Anathema Online in the OOC boards
Blatant harassment of other members
God-modding/Meta-gaming (cheating in roleplay)
Interaction between two or more of your own characters (fighting eachother, fighting alongside eachother, killing eachother)

In terms of the roleplay, we are aware that there have been many interpretations of the word. We expect that all of our users will accept and embrace the belief that the roleplay environment should not be one where people attempt to claim supremacy over others because of their skill in writing.

If ever a user asks what another user meant by a certain action, or their use of diction, it is expected that they will receive a proper explanation. If communication and understanding between two members becomes distorted, the entire environment will deteriorate.

Some users may be wondering what kind of era Anathema Online takes place in; To be honest, this is a topic that is constantly debated. The final decision (whether we accept your clothing or not) is to the discretion of the administration. However, as a guideline, when making clothing, tattoos, hairstyles, etc, think "fantasy" and "medieval". These terms are still quite debatable, but we are trying to hold a certain atmosphere for the game - adding hoodies, jeans and tubetops skews that. Now, it is true that certain pieces of clothing that have come to light in this past decade would fit in some five hundred years ago - therefore, there will always be exceptions. But creating clothing and hoping for an exception may simply lead to your time being wasted.

Furthermore, it should be recognized that we do not discourage or encourage the usage of a character of the opposite sex from your own - therefore, one should always be aware of the people with whom they roleplay. Though we have no rules against this, we do not, however, tolerate lying about one's real gender.

Since it is common, in roleplay environments, to forge relationships, we do not disallow roleplay of a sexual nature. Still, we expect that you will have the common decency to keep the more perverted of acts away from prying eyes. There is the ability to set a room as "restricted viewing," which basically makes whatever happens in that room private.

Finally, we require all users to consider Anathema Online to be a world utterly and completely separate from their real lives. Your characters are not other versions of you; they are completely different beings. Because this is not a realtime chatting environment, we will not accept any excuses for why one might bring their personal issues into our world. While there are many online communities that would gladly listen to your complaining and ranting, this is not one of them. Keep it to yourself.