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Welcome to Anathema Online, an RPG-style/freeform-roleplay hybrid. We have combined these two wonderful styles of gameplay to bring you what we hope will be an inpsiring, creative environment in which to separate yourselves from your daily lives. Immerse yourselves into your own characters, and build their own storylines, by staying close to the history of the lands, or ignoring it completely - Its your decision.

Since Anathema Online is still in the beta stages, and will be for a while, we will be delivering minor updates quite frequently, and it would probably be a good idea to keep an eye on the main page. The news posts here will inform you of any changes that have occurred.

Also, if you are having any trouble understanding the game system, or anything involving Anathema-Online, feel free to consult the Players' Guide, or post your question in the Help section of the OOC discussion boards.

Irshad12:26 PM April 4th 2009
I probably should have mentioned this a while ago, but Anathema Online unofficially closed in October 2008. The website will remain open, however, until November 2009, as I have already paid for the hosting. So, until then, you guys are free to use the tools given here for your own RPs. I will not, however, be fixing any bugs (of which there are many), and will not be present, for the most part, to administrate anything.

In the mean time, I will be working on another game, similar to AO, but with a greater emphasis on the RPG aspect of it. This new game, however, will have a much more developed AI system, as well as pre-written content which will be a central point of the game (quests and the like). This new game will be less based on the massively multiplayer interaction on a grand scale (though this won't be any less possible than in AO). It will be centred moreso upon your own little party, and their interactions with NPCs (whom as I said before, will be FAR more developed, to serve as a competant replacement of normal users), and their interactions with eachother. This way, people will be less frustrated with shorter wait times. I repeat, users will still have the option of interacting with others all across the userbase, but there will be the aformentioned alternative.

That is all.

Irshad11:22 AM September 30th 2008
Okay, so slowly enough, I will be working on the things I suggested about simplicity and various changes to the NPC system. Very slowly. It's kind of like you're changing clothes, and you first have to take the clothes off, then you stand around naked like a douche for a while, before you actually pull on new clothes.

School has got me busy, as has apathy and indifference towards you folks, but it will get done sooner or later. I've started off with removing the ability to shoot arrows (the long-range arrow ability. The archery skill still exists) from users and NPCs alike. I also fixed the block command so that you can no longer block the entry doors to a caravan/ship.

Beware. I am considering removing the ability to altogether lockdown buildings.

Irshad5:33 PM August 28th 2008
Seals and Signets

Back in medieval times, in order to prove that a document was official, it bore the seal of a very important person, engraved in wax. This was done by pouring hot wax (usually red) onto the page in a little puddle and pressing one's signet (often in the form of a ring or a pendant) into it before it dried.

Since guilds and "official documents" are becoming more and more important, I have implemented a very simple seal system. You can create a seal/signet the same way you create clothing or hairstyles. Simply select on the dropdown menu "Create an Item" on the navigation bar, and go down to "Seal Stamp/Signet."

You must create an image of a seal (100px by 100px). Then, once you have your seal/signet item, you will be able to use it through your inventory to mark anything document or piece of prose you are carrying. Once an item has been stamped, no one else will be able to add to it, and the seal will appear on the page on which you read the document itself.

These signets are items, however, and CAN BE STOLEN. This means that if someone nabs your signet, they will be able to do the equivalent of forging your signature.

Irshad12:26 AM August 28th 2008
Today has been a long day.

Yesterday, it was decided in the chatroom that movement in Arithmere is too confusing. There are just too many buildings, and instead of resulting in a city that seems large, it results in a cluttered, disorganized mess. So, today I worked on ripping out the spine of our fair city and remodelling it into several "districts."

Now, a district can be owned by anyone, and can be created by anyone. However, it is very expensive. Right off the bat, a district inside the city is 6000 gold (outside of the city, 5000 gold). On top of that, you must pay a fee for every type of building you would like to allow people to build on your land. Only huts, open spaces, roads and gardens come free.

Anyways, we now have several different districts, each one connected by various roads. I've also made it so that one station can connect to many different stations, instead of just one - hopefully this will help make moving less irritating.

Finally, please note the alleyways that shoot off of some of the main streets of districts. These alleyways are set to restricted viewing, so if you happen to do anything shady there, others will not be able to read your post.

Irshad12:19 PM August 25th 2008
Blacksmiths become more important!

Now, working with iron will be added to the list of abilities EXCLUSIVE to blacksmiths. Anyone who is not a hired blacksmith will be limited to bronze, wood, etc. This is in the attempt to make blacksmiths more valuable, just as our last change involving healing (food no longer instantly heals your character, but the rate at which your character will heal will be determined by their hunger) was largely used to make medics more useful.

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