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Anonymous Suggestions, Criticisms and Concerns
Over the past year, Anathema Online has developed significantly from what it first was; it has improved tremendously. This can all be attributed to the helpful suggestions and criticisms that we have received from our users. I know that all of you want something changed, removed, or improved on the site, but some of you do not wish to openly criticize the administration. Here, you may have an open discussion with the administration about whatever concerns you may have. These conversations will be open for all to see, but only the original thread creator and the administration will be able to take part, so that your idea will not be filtered in any way. It is only through the discourse of the administration and our wonderful userbase that this site will achieve greatness, so please, don't hold your tongue.

Anonymous Suggestions, Criticisms and Concerns
ThreadDate CreatedPosts
Idea12:29 AM November 17th 20081
Awards12:38 PM October 9th 20081
Word counter?1:11 AM October 3rd 20082
Blood Splatters and Bath Houses!4:37 PM September 14th 20081
Dragons4:36 PM September 10th 20081
Re: Voting12:34 PM September 9th 20081
Game mechanics4:20 PM September 4th 20082
Various suggestions.5:13 AM September 4th 20082
Two minutes to promote8:27 AM September 2nd 20082
Children.. adults... where are the teenagers O.o?10:48 PM August 16th 20082
Something to bring up.4:28 PM August 16th 20082
Character tie to account.6:46 AM August 14th 20083
Characters11:13 AM August 12th 20081
Clothing2:55 PM July 15th 20082
Grawr, Another NPC thing.3:27 PM July 10th 20081
NPC addition9:32 AM July 1st 20084