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NPCs, non-player characters, allow for a much more instantaneous sense to the roleplay environment. AO largely depends on people responding to posts and this is over-come by the use of NPCs.

NPCs are useful for several different things:

- Selling things in restaurants or shops
- Delivering items to people in different towns
- Blocking Doors
- Mining
- Firing siege weapons automatically
- Firing arrows automatically

NPCs can be dressed completely by their owners, and armed. In order to give an NPC any items, simply initiate a trade. As long as the trade does not request any items, it will automatically be accepted within two minutes.

There are three different types of NPCs:

10 Health (100 gold each, cannot shoot arrows or siege weapons, or fight back when attacked)
25 Health (200 gold each)
50 Health (300 gold each)
75 Health (400 gold each)
100 Health (500 gold each)

You may choose to make your NPC a slave. Free NPCs charge you 30 gold per week when they are under your control, and if you cannot afford to pay them, they quit. Slaves, on the other hand, charge 10 gold per week for food and such. If this cannot be paid, they die of starvation. A slave will cost you twice as much, however, upon creation - so a 50 health slave will cost you 600 gold.

Also, the number of NPCs a character can have is limited by their ranking:

Slave - 0 NPCs
Peasant - 3 NPCs
Tradesman - 10 NPCs
Knight - 5 NPCs
Lord - 10 NPCs
Baron - Unlimited
King - Unlimited

As these NPCs are very expensive already, we do not expect people to generally reach their limits - however, they are there just in case.

The panel to change the NPC's settings is accessible through the character control panel - a list of the user's NPCs is displayed, where the names are links to their respective control panels. The commands from therein are fairly self explanatory. They allow the user to control the NPC's movement, jobs and reactions when attacked.


Stay - Stay in the same room
Wander - Wander around the town, moving between buildings and rooms, staying in the same place for periods of time stretching between one day to ten days
Follow - Follow a certain user


Automatic Selling - Automatically sell items to people in shops or restaurants (must be an employee)
Mine - The NPCs will pick up one item in the room they are in once every hour.
(10 Health NPCs can't do the following jobs.)
Fire/Man Siege Weapon - The NPC will automatically fire at a specific building every 3 hours. This can also be used to keep the NPC on guard and return fire on any ships that do attack, by setting no target
Fire/Prepare Arrows - Similar to the siege weapon, the NPC will either fire on a target or prepare to return fire if needed
Protect - The NPC will take the hit from any attack against the person it is set to protect
Pick Things Up from the Ground - Fairly self-explanatory. An NPC will go around picking objects off the ground. This is useful if you're in the wild and looking for herbs, berries, or other such items.


Stand Ground - Will only counter, and do nothing else
Fight Back - The NPC will attack
Run Away (default reaction) - NPC will run to a random room in the town

It should be known that when an NPC is knocked out, there is a 40% chance that it will die. (80% for animals) Also, when enslaved, an NPC's ownership will immediately be changed to the new master.