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Non-Player Characters Speech
Non-Player Characters Speech

NPCs can be assigned pre-written responses to questions designed by the owner. This Guide will explain both talking to NPCs who have this ability, and also how to set-up your NPCs with questions and responses.

Talking to NPCs

Talking to NPCs is relatively easy providing you meet the criteria required for their pre-set responses (see below). When you do, the command option will become available to talk to the NPCs and you will be able to access the list of questions which they can be asked. Simply select the appropriate question, and include the speech in your post. The NPC's response will follow instantly.

Setting Questions

In the NPC control panel, the very top option is Edit Question. The button below allows you to write out questions your NPC will be able to answer as well as set any conditions required of the person asking the question (or making a statement). You will also be able to create any responses. For the most part, this is well explained on the page itself.

Question: In this box, enter a question or statement which will be made by the player in order to provoke a response.
Directly underneath, you also have the option to charge the player a certain amount of money for the response/answer.


These are optional but allow you to control who can ask the question in the following criteria:

Possession of a particular item.
A question to have previously been asked (this allows for a trail of questions and answers).
Whether or not the NPC recognises the character.

You may also control whether or not the NPC will respond to the same question more than once by that player.

Once you have chosen your question and criteria, select “Create” and the question will be stored.

Setting a Response

Every question set must have at least one response. If there is more than one potential response, the system will randomly select one to be shown. Similarly to asking the question, a response may also be set with certain conditions: If a player meets the conditions set then that response will always be the one set to their conditions.

As an extra convenience, we have allowed the use of 'variables' in these responses. That is to say, if you wish the username of the person interacting with your NPC to be displayed, type in %username. Similarly, there is also %he, %him, and %his.

Firstly, select the question you wish to write a response to. You may also decide that the NPC will give the asking player a certain item. (Note that NPCs given food items MUST have had their settings changed to prevent them automatically eating it. This can done through the NPC control panel.) Then write out the response as you would a normal post.

The page also offers conditions to receive the answer, if a player meets these conditions then they will be given that response, these do not have to be the same conditions required to ask the question, or make the statement. They are the same as out-lined before and work in the same way.

Finally, you are also able to tie actions to a response. Currently available are:

Give user an Item: Must be an item in the NPC's inventory. If they are not carrying it, this response will not be available.
Escort a user through the door they are blocking: Only available if the NPC is blocking a door. This is useful for demanding entrance fees.
Attack a user: If a user gets this response, they will be attacked immediately following the post of the response. You should definitely include an attacking post in the response.

For both questions and answers, you have the ability to edit them through the other buttons on this page after creating them.