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Slavery (Owning one and being one)
Slaves. Who wouldn’t want one? Someone to do exactly as you said at all times without question? Someone chained up in your own private dungeon to torture or please as you see fit?

Yes, Anathema-Online allows slavery and, in fact, it plays a key part in a lot of the in-game economy as well as personal entertainment. Where would a king be without his favourite concubines to fulfil his every desire, or those shrewd businessmen with dozens of slaves working the iron mines?
A major bonus of holding slaves is that you take all their assets, everything from their inventory, their money, and all their buildings. Their money for posting also goes to you.

Of course, the majority of slaves in-game are NPCs. Players can also be slaves but if you take one, you MUST respect their wishes. Do not force them to do something the user playing the character has disagreed to and do not neglect your slave. Leaving the character in a mine to pick away at rock for the rest of their life is NOT appropriate. Why? Because your slave will go inactive. That's a loss to you, the slave and the entire site. If you have something entertaining for both you and the slave in mind, take the slave. Otherwise, don't, or sell it to someone who might have use for it.

Getting a Slave

There are three main ways of getting a slave:

1. By defeating an opponent in a fight. After defeating someone, you can claim them as a slave by selecting the “Capture/Enslave” command. This can be done to any unconscious or detained character at any time providing you are in the same room as them and they are not already owned.
2. Buying a slave on the slave market, or private trading. As of yet a full slave trade has not started but it is almost bound to happen eventually. Slaves can be sold, bought and traded just like any other inventory item.
3. Creating an NPC as a slave. When creating an NPC, check the box to confirm you want it to be your slave.

Commands involving Slaves

Once you own a slave, he or she is yours to do as you please with. Several new commands appear once you own a slave. These work as follows:

Drag- Does exactly the same as “Carry” would for a normal unconscious or dead character. However, a slave need not be dead to be dragged from one room to another.
Slap- An unavoidable attack for punishing slaves who misbehave. This attack will deal between 5 and 15 damage.

So, you’re a slave?

Well, if you find yourself stuck as a slave there, you could:

• Wait and hope your master is nice to you. Being a slave is not that bad, and being a slave gives you a good opportunity to finding an entertaining storyline in which you can take part.
• Attempt to run away and find a way for someone else to free you from servitude.
• Have a friend pay for your release.