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Tips on Roleplaying on AO (Writing Style, Keeping in Character)
Everyone who uses Anathema Online has the potential to be a great role-player and writer. These are a few tips picked by the staff to improve both your role-playing style and experience while using this site.

- Write in the past tense; "He walks up to the statue," does not sound as befitting of these forums as "He walked up to the statue." Furthermore, past tense is the choice of most of our users, so it would look somewhat off for one person to write in present tense amidst a slew of people writing in past.

- Understand your character, and play it properly; The point of the game isn't necessarily to become the strongest character, or the richest, or what have you - it is to create and develop a character, shaping it through the encounters it experiences with others. You and those around you will have much more fun if you concentrate on understanding how your own character should react to a particular occurrence.

For example, if you are a fragile girl of fourteen years old, working the counter at a local clothing shop to help your family make ends meet, and a large burly man storms in and puts a knife to your throat, demanding all the money they've got, you're not going to out of nowhere tear the man to pieces. It simply isn't like the character to do something like that, despite the fact that it is possible in the game. So, think to yourself how your character might react in similar situations, and try and compile a list of quirks and oddities the character might have.

- Don't freak out if you lose your character; I have seen many people get extremely attached to their characters - especially those who bring character that they've had for years and years onto AO. This game is different from others in the sense that it is more realistic - the fear of death is constantly looming over your shoulder. Death is near-absolute, and chances are, you won't get your character back. While becoming fond of your character adds to the fun of the game, don't become so obsessed with its preservation that you forge hatred towards the people playing your characters' enemies. This will do nothing more than ruin the game play for several people.

Respect the time continuum during battles: Don't be ignorant of the fact that while you're fighting, you can't logically eat a full meal. Something small like a berry might be reasonable.

In-character actions must be regarded as nothing more than in-character. Conflicts between characters should not evolve to conflicts between people. Furthermore, conflicts between people should never develop into conflicts between characters, as that shatters the fourth wall. This is something we take very much offence to. Lying, cheating, murdering, backstabbing and all the like is part of the world of Anathema Online. Take everything with a pinch of salt, and try not to take things too seriously.

Keep your characters separate: Do not stick them all in the same group, constantly interacting with each other.

Give other characters ample time to respond: It is more than irritating when someone speaks to another character, but then is so impatient that they leave before giving the person a chance to respond.

The last one there probably presents the biggest problem: What do you do if your character gets left behind in a conversation?

Well, for the most part- it shouldn’t happen. We’d like to think that most people will respect the time difference and post accordingly. However, if it does happen then you then it’s simply a case of thinking of an imaginative way around it. For me (Luke!) the time difference has always been a real issue, I’m in the UK so that’s about 5-8 hours different to most people who use AO and it’s just had to be that I’ve come up with a way around it when one of my characters has been inactive during a conversation. Whatever you do though, don’t take it personally- the other people may just not realise that you’re in a position where posting regularly is awkward and most probably won’t mind if you let them know through PM that it could be a while before your character responds.

Basically: Let everyone get a chance to be involved and enjoy the game.