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Getting Involved in Anathema Online
The idea of actually getting involved in a storyline with a new character can be quite daunting. But there are, in fact, a lot of ways of getting going quite easily on Anathema:

Developing an Interesting Character

While this may sound ridiculously simply, it actually takes quite a bit of work to build a character who works well in this sort of environment. A few things you might like to try:
>Someone with an unusual occupation or skill that might make them stand out.
>Someone completely normal but sociable- there's lots of "weird" characters who do the big things- why not a simple barman?
>Developing a back-story that fits into that of the site as well as the character.
>Using inspiration from other sources and developing them to AO.

The Job/Ads Information Posts

Under the map on the Forums page is a link to the Job/Ads postings. In here, users can post an advert either offering work or searching for a job themselves. This counts as in-game knowledge, so any other user on the site may respond to your search and offer you a job quite quickly. Jobs here are quite often temporary and may involve assassinations or military work. Others include bar/shop work, body-guarding and ship crews.

The other way to get a job is to apply for one to the owner of a building or someone responsible for a particular trade. Under the room description in every building there is a button allowing you to apply for a job, by clicking on this you are taken to a page where you can write a short message to the building owner about why you are suited to the job. If you are accepted by the building owner, you will be made an employee of that building.
In the same way, talking to the person responsible for the army, Town Guard, or any part of the in-game economy may lead you to a job in uniform, or the mines. Both low-paid and hard-work, but everyone has to start somewhere.

Other Ways to get involved

The easiest way of fitting in is to try and be open, if it’s in your character’s nature to be secluded and not wanting to talk to anyone then don’t expect others to do it for you. Simply speaking, go to the bar and start talking to people- offer to buy the guy/girl at the other end of the bar a drink and see where it goes- you may be surprised. Getting to know the locals of your town might get you involved into any number of individual story lines which may mean you get to know the characters you didn’t think you could approach before. Even NPCs can be useful as a source of information.

If you think you’re good with photoshop or similar programs, you could always try making your own clothes or weapons and opening a shop. By running a shop, you not only show off your ability but contribute to the in-game economy and potentially make a lot of money yourself. Similarly, you could try and run a restaurant…or even an entire chain of them.

Just as fun is to make friends OOC through the PM-system or your own IM-service and set-up your own story lines. Everything going on in Anathema-Online is user-controlled so all the storylines you’ve seen came from people just like you. Why not give it a go? Buy a ship, get a crew and become a pirate. Or start your own cult and terrorise a local town..