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Making Money
The flaws of Capitalism…some people just never seem to have enough money to get by. In most cases it can seem hard to get a job where you are paid regularly for the amount of work you do, and some people seem to become dependant on the money generated by posting.

The money you make by posting will be 1 gold per 5 words (ignoring the mandatory first 30 words), up to 100 words- meaning the most you can make off a post is 14 gold.

Ways of Making More Money

Run Errands
Every now and then, you may see someone post on the jobs board, saying, say, "willing to buy a stallion for 2300 gold". If you want that money with no strings attached, go catch yourself a stallion and bring it to the location stated in the ad. If you get there before anyone else, you're in luck, because you've just made some easy money.

Get a job
In the Getting Involved section of this guide, ways of getting employed are explained fully.
Getting a job should provide you with a more regular income of a reasonable amount for whatever work you do. In some cases you may also be given lump sums to help pay for equipment, clothing, or to pay people working below you in the hierarchy. Some jobs you might be able to get include bartending, working the counter at a shop, working as a body guard or joining the army. The demand for shop clerks and bartenders has been greatly reduced, however, since the addition of NPCs who can take over the job. There are always things, however, that NPCs cannot do, that real people can, so try to monopolize on that.

Run a Business
Getting involved in the in-game economy is a sure fire way of making money. Although the initial set-up costs of running a shop or restaurant may be high, the turn over is usually good. Better still, owning a shop allows you to sell your own clothing and weapons designs to other players, usually for quite a high profit. This is a competitive business but if you can match quality with low enough prices then it’s also a great way to run the in-game economy.

Trading can take place between any two characters within the same room. By selecting either “Send Trade” from the options at the top of the page, or “Trade” next to a character’s avatar, you can make a trade offering. Through the following two screens you can decide what you want to offer to them and then get the opportunity to see their inventory to decide what it is you expect in return.

Trading can tie in nicely with the illegal side of obtaining goods, either through unofficial mining operations, piracy, or thieving from shops and restaurants.

Big Boy’s Money
Once you own a district/town/kingdom you can start taxing your people. A King or Queen can tax everyone in his or her Kingdom through the Kingdom control panel. A baron can tax every building within his or her town. A district owner can set a weekly tax to be retrieved from the buildings within the district. Taxing is a good way to make quite a large amount of money relatively quickly, but if you’re taxing people then make sure they see some benefit from it too or discontent will soon follow.

The Easiest Way to Make Money
Don’t forget to place your vote for Anathema by clicking the link at the bottom of the Forums page. You can vote once daily and will receive a bonus of 15 gold.

Remember that you should NOT be relying on just the gold generated from posting and voting. These are just nice little bonuses to buy you small things. In summary, get a job, you bum.