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Private Businesses
Private Businesses

(Owning a Shop/Restaurant or other Business)

Note: This is more a guide on how to successfully start-up and run a business, for the basics see Creating and Owning Buildings Guide.


The initial set-up of a business can be both expensive and time-consuming, but….here we go anyway.

Firstly, you will need to create your shop or restaurant. The way you go about doing this is fully explained in the Creating and Owning Buildings Section of this guide. Both will cost 100 wood to build.

Food and Drink or Clothes and Weapons?

What you sell will, obviously, depend on which type of business you choose to run. Clothes and weapons have higher input costs for you and take a lot more time than restaurants, but will normally offer a higher profit margin. Also, if you are particularly skilled at creating clothing items (see tutorial) then a shop selling clothing is probably a good option.

Selling food will also require you to have access to crops. Crops can be transformed into credits in order to stock items within the restaurant- farms are usually owned by Lords, so be prepared to pay for crops. (Owning a farm can also be a profitable business.)

Consider your Skills/ Other Businesses

Both your own personal skills and your character’s personality are important when deciding which kind of business you choose to enter. The official business such as restaurants or shops can be run quite simply; however your own creativity skills come into play when making clothing.

If you have a particularly wealthy character, you may wish to become a loan-shark. Offering loans like this is not an official business, nor will it be recognised by the town authorities. However, there is always the risk that you may have to fight someone just to get your money back.

A second idea for the financially secure may be private trading. Although an official international trade may be going on between Kingdom and the public, any extra that you can provide on the side at a lower price will not only put you in the good books of other people but may make you a nice profit. Characters who are successful in this area may manage to become fully-fledged merchants, recognised across the map. Obtaining supplies may be difficult however as it is likely that your local Baron will have control of raw materials. You will probably also require transport.

Personal training works well for people who believe they have mastered the Fighting System. Not only can you potentially gain a lot of money from teaching people how to fight in-character, but your dice-roll may also benefit after you enter spars with people.


The local baron may also be allowing the development of guilds. If this is the case then a well paid job could be training or performing services for them. Also, consider setting one up to train people in your particular character’s skill area- you may find that you can charge for this service.