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Poison is a rather tricky little thing - when afflicted, you will lose health over a certain number of posts - the amount of health you lose, and the number of posts it lasts depends on the type of poison used.

You can deal with being poisoned in two ways;
- Let it run its course; find a safe place where you'll be able to sleep and heal yourself, preferably with lots of food.
- Find a hired medic and have them heal you. Even if they heal you only for 1 point, all poison will be cured.

Poison cannot kill a character. It can only weaken them by dropping health.

Now, for the more amusing part - poisoning someone else. There are several ways one can go about such a task. When you purchase poison, you will be able to mix the poison with any food, drink or alcohol. You can also use it on an arrow or weapon. Of course, poison can also be ingested straight, though it's not very sneaky.

When a weapon or an arrow is tainted with poison, it will remain poisoned until the weapon hits someone, or in the case of an arrow, the arrow is shot. However, if the attack itself does not do enough damage to penetrate armour and does not harm the character at all, they will not be poisoned.