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Hiring Citizen NPCs
If you're looking for some NPCs to help run your business, you may want to look into hiring some citizen NPCs as your workers. Citizen NPCs are basically the NPCs that make up the peasantry. So far, their skills only span across three different areas; resource gathering (mining), vending (tending to shops/restaurants) and personal protection (bodyguards). The advantage to using these particular NPCs for your tasks instead of creating NPCs of your own is that they are several hundred gold cheaper.

Every citizen NPC is 100 health; to create a 100 health NPC yourself, it would cost you at least 500 gold, and then another 30 gold per week. These citizen NPCs will charge you between 20 and 60 gold per week, with no other costs attached.

The downside to this, however, is that these citizen NPCs need to eat - now, there's no responsibility on your part to feed them. However, they will take a break from work every six to ten days to head back to town and purchase food from a restaurant. They will stay at that restaurant until they can eat, so this might result in a decent chunk of time that they could be working lost (especially if their pay is so low that they cannot afford to buy food, in which case they will just stay there and stare at the menu until someone gives them some money or food.)

For citizen NPCs who mine, there is a matter that can be treated as either an advantage or a disadvantage. In order to keep these NPCs from getting robbed and losing all of the resources they have gathered, they will regularly make trips to dump off their goods into the inventory of a building with an inventory. If you do not have one, or access to one, you cannot use an NPC citizen for your mining needs.

How do I hire a citizen NPC?
It's very simple. Just go into the NPC's control panel. Beneath their avatar, you will see a link that will allow you to hire them. The link will also state the weekly cost, as well as their area of occupation.

Once you have hired an NPC, you can go into your control panel and you will see them marked on a list near the lower side of the page. By clicking on the NPC's name here, you will be taken to their control panel. Here, you can change the settings of how exactly they will do their job, as well as change their clothing. This can come in handy if you wish to give them a uniform (via trading), and have them wear it while they work for you. You cannot, however, take anything out of their inventory, as they are not your NPCs.