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Training a Mount
Mounts, whether they are horses, bears or mules, are very finicky creatures. If you check the profile of a potential mount, you will be shown a list of stats and skills.

Current Mood: How happy/angry your mount is currently, between a range of -25 (really pissed off) and 25 (happy as can be). The mood will fall when you whip the mount. However, the lower the mood is, the better the mount will perform. Similarly, however, the lower the mood is, the more likely it will be to try and throw you off its back, and the more aggressive it will be when it *does* try to throw you off its back.

Temperament: A long-term version of the mood. About 24 hours after the mount was last whipped, its mood will slowly start to rise, reverting back to whatever its temperament might be. It will move by a few points every hour until it reaches the temperament. Every time you whip your mount, its temperament will change slightly (by a fraction of a point). The temperament will rise, however, when the creature is fed. So, feeding your mount will help keep it happy. If you are very cruel to your mount, however, it will be in a bad mood constantly, and will prove to be a challenge to anyone trying to ride it.

Riding Skill: The riding skill determines how familiar the mount is to being ridden. The higher the riding skill, the easier it will be to mount. If it has a very low riding skill, it will be fairly likely that the mount will try and throw you off when you try and get onto its back. The riding skill will increase every time you mount the creature.

Resistance to Pain: Fairly straightforward; the higher this stat is, the less likely the mount will be to panic when it is hit. As this stat rises, your mount will be able to withstand higher damage attacks without threatening the safety of the person riding it.

Speed: This stat shows what percentage of the time of a trip travelling down a road will be cut off. For example, a 30 minute trip on foot, when done riding a horse with a speed of 45 will be reduced by 45%. Therefore, the trip will only take around 16-17 minutes.

Roll Bonus: If you ride your mount into combat, you will receive a bonus to your roll. This will rise *slightly* as the mount is trained.

Damage Bonus: Just like the roll bonus, riding a mount will add a damage bonus to your attacks. This too will increase *very slightly* as the mount is trained.

If you're trying to ride a wild mount (for whatever reason), don't just jump on it, especially if your riding skill is low. Try feeding it, first, to lower its temperament. Then wait a few hours, and its mood will gradually rise. Still, riding a wild mount is NOT recommended.

Find out what your mount will eat - look at the NPC Animal Diets guide article.

Figure out WHAT you want to use the mount for. If it's just going to be for travel, concentrate on keeping its temperament and mood high, instead of its skills. If you want to use it for battle, make sure you whip it regularly, but don't overdo it, or you will regret it.