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Managing a Town
Managing a town is a bit more complicated than the basic in-game functions, but if you understand how to manage a building, you will find this to be very easy. It follows the same format.

Here you can edit the name and description of your town. Please flesh out the description well, as we very much enjoy playing in towns that we can truly visualize. Also, it is not appreciated when a town name is changed without IC reason for it.

Used to give the ownership of a town to another user. The user must be in the same room as you.

Town Walls
The main thing that separates your town, its buildings and its people from the vile creatures that lurk beyond its borders are its walls. It costs 500 wood to erect walls around your town, but in order for them to be effective at all, you must fortify them. These walls are buildings, but cannot be constructed outside of the town control panel.
Once you have your town walls erected, you will be able to set their lock mode.
Unlocked: Anyone can walk into your town
Semi-Locked: Only access through the roads leading into your city will be available.
Fully Locked: All access in and out of the city will be forbidden.
Note that NPC creatures, namely hordes of orcs, trolls and goblins will not be able to enter your town so long as the town walls are fortified. If they are fortified, they will feel compelled to tear them to the ground before entering the city.
Your walls can be locked/unlocked by anyone who gains access to the building itself, so make sure you keep the door locked at all times.

The pillars of an economy. You are free to collect taxes from the buildings set up within your town, but be weary of charging too much, and make sure that the money is invested back into the city, and not stored in your personal hoard. Rebellions are always a possibility.

Building Management
Here, you can close buildings (forced abandonment) and change the owners. Don't be cruel with this power.

Town Guards
Town guards are characters who are responsible for the wellbeing of the city. They are your iron hold within the walls. If you are unconscious or out of town, and there are no town guards, anyone ranked Lord or higher will be able to walk in and claim it from under your feet. Therefore, you must make sure to keep town guards stationed here at all times, most especially when you are absent. Only once the guards are subdued will any invader be able to claim the town. (Of course, they will also be able to take control by killing or enslaving you.)

Villages do not have this feature.
A baron is able to name two characters as lords. A lord in turn can name two knights. A lord will gain a roll bonus, as will knights. These are used to consolidate one's power over the state. Lords and knights are automatically considered town guards. Both lords and knights must, however, have a certain amount of wealth before being named, and must own property within the city.