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Omniscient Knowledge and View Memories
Omniscient Knowledge

Definition: The use of knowledge that your character has not personally obtained, either directly or indirectly, to influence their actions or how they interact with others.

If your character does not have knowledge of an event or person- through either written communication or a verbal conversation that is in your character’s memories- they don’t know anything about that event/person.

We consider O.M. especially heinous as it disrupts and even ruins some storylines that people have worked hard in forging, and therefore if we see a pattern or a major abuse of O.M. then we will first warn, then knock out the character in question. If it still continues, we will not hesitate to ban the user. We do make mistakes sometimes, so if you wish to defend yourself, feel free to do so. However, we pay more attention to PMs than we do to OOC threads, so please do not bother complaining in public about something we admins have done.

What we consider to definitely be Omniscient Knowledge

1. Your character knows a piece of information:
- without being in the room when the information was relayed,
- when nobody has related the information to them,
- when you are in the room but the other characters think something- clearly you would not hear this,
- if the information was obtained through reading chronicles or the PM facility.

2. Finding a secret room without having reasonable suspicion that there is a secret room (since it is secret, it is highly unlikely that when you go to move to another room, you exit through the wall or floor). Saying that you were actively searching for secret rooms is a poor excuse: you still have to prove that you had reasonable suspicion that you were going to find a room, or that you saw someone move into the secret room while you were present.

3. Knowing that someone is in a certain building (without having specifically seen them enter).

4. Knowing that there are corpses or body parts in a certain building (unless it's the graveyard).

To combat this problem, we have created a button right next to your character's name in the menu bar that says "View Memories." This is also present in every room. If you click this, it means that the room will only show the posts that your character was present for.

Khuyen and Irshad are the final arbiters on what is and is not considered omniscient knowledge.

Quite simply: If you don't think your character should do it don't.