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Character Skills
Character Skills

The feature to allow characters to have specific skills is available through the character creation page. The idea is, of course, that by having a specific skill, your character has some direction and as such they are more inclined to take on jobs and such.

Bonus Skills

Strong - Naturally deals 5 extra damage for every attack, is able to carry an extra 20kg.

Sturdy - Naturally absorbs 10 extra damage for every attack, has a maximum health of 110 points.

Swift - Naturally has an extra 25 points to the maximum and minimum combat roll, and gains a small bonus to other luck-based skills.

Stealthy - Ability to sneak without being followed and bonuses for lock picking and pick pocketing skills.

Spellsword - Magic attacks take half as much mana. Also, spellswords have access to a series of combat-based spells such as disarming, mana shield, etc.

Savvy - Able to make up to 24 gold per post, instead of just 14 gold (This is by writing a post of 150 words)

Archer - A character whose starting archery roll is made to equal a normal peasant's defensive roll (archery roll of 0 - 200). However, their melee combat roll is reduced by 25%.

Explorer - Is given the ability to cook ingredients found in the wild together and based on a cooking skill, raise the total stat and effectiveness of the final cooked product.

Civic Skills
These will only be activated once the character is hired at a building tied to the skill - the buildings for each skill are listed in their description below.

Miner/Gatherer - Player characters will have 10 attempts at harvesting the resource per hour, with a 60% chance each attempt, and their NPCs will have 6 attempts with a 40% chance for each attempt. Must be hired at a Mining Depot.

Builder - Can build higher level buildings, such as defensive structures, and is not charged for labour. Must be hired at a Construction Yard.

Blacksmith - Can work with iron, steel and alabastrite. Others will not be able to. Must be hired at a Forge

Guard - Receives an extra 10 point bonus to their roll. Must be hired at a Barracks

Medic - Has an altered form of healing - first 25 healing points will drain mana (4 mana points per heal point), then the rest of the healing points will drain health (1 health point per heal point). Also, they have the ability to cure poison by healing users, and also are able to resuscitate dead users within 12 hours of their deaths. Must be hired at a Hospital.

Shopkeeper - Can restock shops at 80% of the cost. Must be hired at a Shop.

Cook - Can restock restaurants at 80% of the cost. Must be hired at a Restaurant.

Personal Skills
These skills are passive.

Traveller - Shorter travel times on roads

Sailor - Shorter ship travel times

Rider - Shorter caravan travel times, also gets a bonus to their mount-riding skill of 25 points.

Hunter - Can use bone/pelts in armour/weapons

Slaver - Someone with the skill to break the spirits of both human and animal NPCs.

Jester - Distracts users to lower their roll. Their own roll is 50% of the usual for their rank. The skill targets one user. When they are distracting someone, their own roll is lowered.

Bard - Lulls users to lower their fatigue. Their own roll is 50% of the usual for their rank. If they attempt to lull an animal, the animal may fall asleep. This skill targets all users in the room.

Drunk – With a higher tolerance for alcohol they get 50% less drunk from each drink. This allows them to get less drunk while making use of the healing qualities of alcohol, which is cheaper to produce than normal food.