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The Bent Nail
Past the narrow doorway, deep within the clutches of timber roots, lay the quaint little shop currently belonging to a cordial cheetah. The walls, if they could be called that. were adorned with what many could call the bare minimum: framed schemata of countless structures the denizens of Pirostia might wish to commission are plainly visible. Given the aesthetic wishes of the Wild elf in charge, most of them were tree-based. Still! In the corners near the door are a variety of more traditional arrangements, facilities, and housing should any be so inclined.

With a drafting table, now covered in a chessboard with scattered pieces, lining the back wall behind the countertop. All those inquiring into obtaining building permits have arrived at the right place. Coming soon: Ship production.

[OOC: A Construction Yard's purpose is to allow people with the Builder job skill to make the best buildings in game, as well as to many any structure without the need for the gold fee for themselves. It is always best to commission a builder to craft anything for you, they need only the materials when hired at this type of shop.]