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View Floor Plan - In case you get lost, this will help you find your way around.
The Orium grounds are nothing too impressive. Mostly trampled dirt and dead plants surrounded by a wooden fence. The only building easily accessible from the road is the Emporium and Slaveatorium, the focus of the Orium's business. Behind the long rectangular building of the Emporium is another building, although its more of one back wall a roof and large fire pit about the size of a hut, that is the Crematorium. A forge, as made obvious by the large controlled flames and two anvils and other tools around it.

Over the entrance it reads, "The Orium, whatever you need, whenever you need."
Employees : Gwendolyn, Till Stronghawk, Fyrne Mardale, Luca [Apply for a Job]
Fortification : 100 points

Emporium and Slaveatorium01117