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Fort Brennenstadt
View Floor Plan - In case you get lost, this will help you find your way around.
Set against the mountain, Fort Brennenstadt casts its intimidating shadow over the entire town for all but two or three hours of the day. The very purpose for its construction was to outdo the old town hall one thousand times over, and give the warden a front row seat to the strife that followed below.

Many have questioned over the years why the fort would have been built so close to the mines, despite the dangers posed by the blaze that surged underneath. The reasoning is simple; the building is made in such a way that it captures the heat from the mine fires in its lower levels and gradually disperses it across the entire structure, keeping it at a comfortable temperature at all times throughout the year.
Employees : Stanislas [Apply for a Job]

The Anteroom048
The Great Hall031
The Eastern Tower017
The Western Tower015
The Ramparts022
The Rear Stairway09
The Library06
The Treasury08
The Upper Hall011
The Warden's Chambers04
The Warden's Study015
The Basement017