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The Burrough
View Floor Plan - In case you get lost, this will help you find your way around.
Cozy and quaint, this tree was a bit different from the rest. The inside had a polished counter complete with logbook and a shelf of keys behind it. And while there were no doors leading to rooms in sight, given that it was a sequoia, stepping outside one would see a spiraling staircase wrapped around the outside of the tree's trunk leading upwards.

High up top several cottages were nestled firmly amidst the tree's limbs, high enough for a view of most of the village - but nowhere near high enough to see beyond the Elder Sequoia.

Each room was fitted with a bed grown right into the wood of the tree, cushy mattress and thick blankets to keep one toasty during the chilliest of nights.

[OOC: You can ICly rent a room by speaking to the owner or an employee of an inn. Sleeping in a room owned by you, albiet temporarily being yours, doubles fatigue gain while unconscious - while the inn itself provides a safe and secure location to rest in.]
Employees : [Apply for a Job]
Health : 650 points
Fortification : 50 points

The Burrough029
The Centerfold Room014
The Balcony Room019