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Upper Market
View Floor Plan - In case you get lost, this will help you find your way around.
At the heart of Arithmere, lies a narrow, yet lengthy expanse of cobblestone street that has been filled over time with the stalls of tailors and shopkeepers looking to pay for their daily needs with whatever gold they might scrounge up.

Each shopkeeper pays their dues to the owner of the district, Vincent DesCartes, who encourages them all to excel to be the best in their classes and watches over each trade carefully so that no one shopkeeper looks to infringe on another's territory.
Employees : Boren Natav, Arianne Mere, Xandra Mardocroft, Wesley Bluestone, Nathan Natav, Alexandra Bathory, Timothy Balen, Grayson Alderwich, Baelyn Stonehead, Halen Valen, Terrance Bluestone, Herald Oakham, Thomas Fibridge, Garen Tor, Spit Fistface, Stephen Silverquill [Apply for a Job]
Health : 100 points

Trade Grounds0629
The Finest Stitch0112
An Exact Fit0103
The Silver Chain048
The Iron Fist0192
The Sword and the Spear0120
The Shameless Strumpet061