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The Serpent's Recluse
View Floor Plan - In case you get lost, this will help you find your way around.
A simple building of two floors, with pointed roofs and plain windows, The Serpent's Recluse is nothing extravagant, or worthy of any extra attention. It looms in the shadows, yet seems to shimmer like gold in the eyes of those stricken with hunger and exhaustion.

For them, the door remains forever open, the bartender and barmaids forever ready to serve - as long as there is gold to be made.
Employees : Kiera Ashford, Cassandra Aethelwyne, Spike, Charlie Prince, Charlie Bryarhart [Apply for a Job]
Fortification : 91 points

The Tavern Room05354
The Upper Hall0395
Room 10411
Room 2094
Room 30117
Wine Cellar0104