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Praesul Balaam of Al'Thania
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Balaam was born as a peasant. He grew up with few friends, but their bond was unlike any other. He witnessed many horrible things that he wished he could forget, including the loss of his family. All he had left was his little sister, Rose. Even she disappeared, leaving Balaam all alone in the world. He had no one to turn to anymore. With nothing to go back to Balaam became a servant of the king, one of the Guard.

[If you need me: Dominick_Jay@hotmail.com I'm on msn frequently.]
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Gender: Male
Status: Conscious
Civic Skill: Guard
Personal Skill: Rider
Rank: Peasant
Age: 23
Species: Human
Money: 343
Health: 100 / 100
Mana: 100 / 100
Fatigue: 75 / 150
Hunger: 6 / 100
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