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Spit Fistface of Al'Thania
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An oaf of a man, Spit Fistface was given his name because he had no other. It was a gift from his loving comrades who would sock him clear in the cheek every time he spat on the ground. Unfortunately, it was a bad habit of his, so his face is something of a swollen vegetable. Still, he is well liked by his comrades, and he appreciates the violent display of affection.
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Gender: Male
Current Roll: 0 to 100
Status: Conscious
Rank: Peasant
Age: 23
Species: Human
Money: 0
Health: 100 / 100
Mana: 100 / 100
Fatigue: 16 / 150
Hunger: 0 / 100
This user is an NPC owned by Vincent DesCartes.