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Garret of Al'Thania
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Leading a strange life Garret left his tribe to enter civilization and create a life he could never had when living with his old tribe. Shortly after arriving in Arithmere a orc named Garsack called a meeting of all willing greenskins within the city. Unfortunately only the young troll Garret turned up at the meeting. After a brief conversation with the orc Garsack he felt invigorated and suggested a business plan to create a arena together. Garsack agreed and they slept on it. In the morning another orc, who's name is still unknown, broke into the building and committed suicide. Feeling pity for their fellow greenskin they decided to take his body to the orcish lands to bury him. Upon the return from their quest the city was under siege by a vicious orc warlord and some of the humans had begun discriminating against the orcs and trolls. To prove themselves the two defended the city with their lives. Garret came out relatively unharmed, however Garsack was not so lucky. The proud orc left the world with the one request to honor his memory.'

It was at that point Garret felt more determined then ever to build the arena. After planning for a few days how he would go about building the arena one of his slaves ran up to him about the boat sailing itself. The slave was on the boat at the time and took the boat back to Arithmere as soon as it was able to gain control of the vessel. Garret took this as a sign and had his slave take them back to the spot where the ship had docked. Oddly enough it was where Garret had first landed with Garsack to bury there friend. He explored the nearby areas and upon his return his ship, and all his slaves had disappeared. To this day he blames the event on sea serpents. In any case he was forced to do some things he'd prefer not to have done to survive in the wilderness all alone. He broke into an orc camp and stole food from the orc king to survive. He returned to the shores to see if he could spot any boats and soon one did show up. It was a pirate ship which was heading to a northern shore. He had hoped it would take him to Arithmere but they ended up somewhere else. Shortly upon arrival a group of orcs attack and dragged several members of the crew off to unknown areas. Those who survived set sail to get away from the orcs and possibly get more resources to save their friends.

He had hoped he would be able disapear into Arithmere when they arrived at the city but fate would have none of that. The guard were waiting for them when they arrived at docks. Taking Garret into custody they set sail to capture and arrest the pirates who were kidnapped. Eventually the trolls name was cleared and set free to accomplish his dreams. Shortly after his return to Arithmere a wealthy merchant offered to help him build the arena. Soon after words his dream had become a reality.
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Gender: Male
Status: Conscious
Civic Skill: Miner
Personal Skill: Slaver
Rank: Peasant
Age: 32
Species: Troll
Money: 10
Health: 40 / 100
Mana: 100 / 100
Fatigue: 144 / 150
Hunger: 17 / 100
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