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Shank of Al'Thania
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Shank is nothing more than a traveling mercenary, who moves on a path made on the fly rushing from town-to-town trying to make a quick pouch of gold with his partner Miggs. He can often be seen at a bar chugging down a variety of alcoholic drinks. But when assigned a job to an employer who sticks to business, Shank has the focus, and work ethic of a multi-star general.
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Gender: Male
Status: Conscious
Civic Skill: Guard
Personal Skill: Slaver
Rank: Peasant
Age: 20
Species: Human (Mostly)
Money: 9
Health: 100 / 100
Mana: 100 / 100
Fatigue: 127 / 150
Hunger: 89 / 100
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