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Kurtze Bunansa
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Full name: Kurtze Bunansa
Height: 6'3
Weight: 223
Build: solid
Eyes: Blue

Youthful and rather irresponsible at times Kurtze lives a simple life compared to others in a small village just off the beaten paths of the southern continent. Echoes of elven magic still resound through the towering trees that engulf the peaceful village and conceal it from most of the larger world. More than a home it is a safe haven to him though he has little. Crafted into a self-sufficient being via abandon at a tender age, he enjoys his lifestyle. Though, an adventurous streak often finds him wayward or entangled in mishaps he should have no part of. He is arrogant, gregarious, and free spirited.
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Gender: Male
Status: Conscious
Civic Skill: Builder
Personal Skill: Slaver
Rank: Peasant
Age: 21
Species: Human
Money: 131
Health: 100 / 100
Mana: 100 / 100
Fatigue: 142 / 150
Hunger: 92 / 100
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