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Almira of Al'Thania
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Almira was a shy girl up until very recently. Her parents died about a year ago, and since then she's lived with her uncle, being treated just like the little girl her mother always let her be. However, with her uncle's struggling health, and wishing to become more than just the dependent child, she set off on her own.

Yearning to fufil her late father's desires for a son, she's determined to be more assertive. A lot more assertive. She's going to bring the world and her wants to her feet any way possible. She has abandoned some of her morals, but part of her still clings to them. She can't bring herself to commit a large robbery, or to bring harm to another.

Eventually she'll find her place. For now, she'll just try to find where she can belong.

She's not afraid of resorting to theft. Not afraid to loot or break and enter. She doesn't yet know about fighting... but she's on her way to becoming what her father wants.
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Gender: Female
Status: Conscious
Civic Skill: Medic
Personal Skill: Rider
Rank: Peasant
Age: 19
Species: Human
Money: 132
Health: 96 / 100
Mana: 100 / 100
Fatigue: 89 / 150
Hunger: 48 / 100
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