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A hideous thing to be done to a child at birth, but so was done to this drow child. A ferocious warrior, confined to the likes of am life of Overwhelming strength, and agility, that was pushed only to the use of the blade. In is aggressive state of life, he was forced into exile after he renounced the spider queen, Lolth. The goddess of thier people.
In a sudden chance for hope, he found himself brought to the world of light, above the underworld. But only to hide in the shades of night. He was noted at birht with the gift of being ableto see well ni both light and dark, though most drow children are not able. He holds his aggression towards his people for thier evil, though he himself resides in it with his hate and malice. being caught a prisoner of war after fighting for the independece of his free will, he was sold by the faieres to the humans. Here he stands, his story a ruthless battle to be extended on the land we call the overworld.
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Gender: Male
Status: Conscious
Civic Skill: Blacksmith
Personal Skill: Traveler
Rank: Slave
Age: 45
Species: Dark Drow
Money: 0
Health: 100 / 100
Mana: 100 / 100
Fatigue: 149 / 150
Hunger: 99 / 100
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