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The Gardens
View Floor Plan - In case you get lost, this will help you find your way around.
The Gardens outside the Temple are well kept, with a paved path running through the middle, this path leads to a set of white stone stairs of about one hundred steps, leading up the the elevated temple.

The Garden itself boasts luscious green grass and exotic flowers.
Fortification : 30 points
Building Health : 600 points
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Chygon of Al'Thania2:59 PM October 23rd 2008
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Chygon wandered through the Garden, feeling the purity of it, watching these flowers develop most having thousands of futures, most so minute you'd have to be concentrating to see the millions of lines intertwining and weaving, even a blow of wind could change their future, they were so fragile in time. "Amazing." Chygon muttered, heading up the stairs for a better view, untill he was in the Foyer, still looking at the gardens.

[Moved to Foyer in The Temple of Truth]
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