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The Armory
View Floor Plan - In case you get lost, this will help you find your way around.
The Armory is always locked with only a select few having keys. In this room there are many shelves and sword holders with many wall brackets too. All of them with chest plates, spears, helmets and swords on them.
Fortification : 100 points
Building Health : 100 points
Employees : Adamska Al'Thaden, Kella Iver, Lucien Hawker, Praesul Balaam, Gavaroc Fevinor, Redfox, Shank [Apply for a Job]
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[OOC] Ivor Malardan of Al'Thania1:45 PM June 18th 2008Show/Hide

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Axerses of Al'Thania2:09 PM August 2nd 2009
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Clattered in armour, were the halls of the armoury. His eyes narrowed down to the select options. Maybe perhaps he should seek out a shop, somewhere where he could be more prepared. The sights maybe him more eager to join; but even the land shown no sign of life. The place seemed so barron, he knew it had to be less populated, perhaps no population.

He gathered his thoughts, thinking that he needed to press on; but he didn't. He simpyl sighed, keeping his posture. He held himself, thinking it would be betyter if he waited for the arival of someone incharge.
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