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The Western Tower
View Floor Plan - In case you get lost, this will help you find your way around.
A mirror of its brother to the west, the great structure plays host to a single spiral stairway that winds along the stone walls, connecting to a wooden loft. Upon this loft, rest two cannons, each pointed out through large openings in the fortification.

A door to the side leads out onto the ramparts, where hand-projectiles and arrows are ready to be thrown down to disperse the masses below, if need be.
Building Health : 1200 points
Employees : Stanislas [Apply for a Job]
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Slave John Shepard7:42 PM October 1st 2008
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John had to prepare for the battle with the governor, who was possibly armored, and he may well have an armament on him, something to strike the prisoner down. If not, he'd cut him up, slice him into pieces and finally, he would destroy the walls with the weapons in his possession. He needed to bide his time, strike him at times when he least suspected.
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