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The Treasury
View Floor Plan - In case you get lost, this will help you find your way around.
Behind an enormous door of steel lies the treasury of Fort Brennenstadt. Though the chamber is modest in size, it is filled with not only crates upon crates of gold, but also trinkets and artifacts collected by past wardens.
Building Health : 1200 points
Employees : Stanislas [Apply for a Job]
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[OOC] Shiroko Gozenkaigi3:02 PM July 30th 2008Show/Hide

Slave Shiroko Gozenkaigi3:26 PM July 30th 2008
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Shiroko looked over all the burnable crates and smiled. "Money or no money, this place ustburn!" he said, tossing a flaming ball onto the crates, watching over the fre untill it was a blaze. "good..." he breathed out, stepping out of the room.

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[OOC] Shiroko Gozenkaigi3:27 PM July 30th 2008Show/Hide

[OOC] God5:04 PM July 30th 2008Show/Hide
Stanislas quickly put the fire out.
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