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The Warden's Chambers
View Floor Plan - In case you get lost, this will help you find your way around.
Though surprisingly modest in size, the warden's bed chambers are furnished with beautiful pieces purchased from all about the land. Beautiful bedside tables of carved chestnut, armoires of oak, and mirrors framed in silver and gold.

The bed itself is covered with sheets of silk and pillows of the finest down, while its frame is specifically carved to tell the tales of the warden's own victories in battle.
Building Health : 1200 points
Employees : Stanislas [Apply for a Job]
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Slave Shiroko Gozenkaigi3:16 PM July 30th 2008
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"Hmmm." shiroko said, looking over the room. "Needs a little light." he said, grinning maniacly. he conjured a fireball and set it on the floor and then another on the bed. "there." he said, parts of the room completely engulfed in flame.

[Started a Fire]
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[OOC] Shiroko Gozenkaigi3:18 PM July 30th 2008Show/Hide

[OOC] God5:04 PM July 30th 2008Show/Hide
Stanislas quickly put the fire out.
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[OOC] John Shepard7:26 AM September 18th 2008Show/Hide