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The Peddler's Square
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More of a rectangle than a square, The Peddler's Square gained its name from the innumerable peasants that would crowd the street, making it nigh impossible to pass with horse cart, or even upon a lone stallion. Often enough, these desperate beggars would fall victim to panicked hooves, and in vain attempts to peddle their worthless goods met their brutal deaths.

Decades since then, the guards forced these armies of knaves back to their alleyways, now leaving the square open for more respectable men and women to stroll about, making their ways to restaurants or markets for quality entertainment and goods.
Building Health : 100 points
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[OOC] God9:26 PM March 31st 2009Show/Hide
Govad is attempting to throw Kestrel off its back.
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Kestrel of Al'Thania9:29 PM March 31st 2009
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Kestrel leaned close to the horse, flattening herself against the horse's back. She moved with him, instead of trying to fight him. She had learned in earlier times that it never worked. She murmered to sooth Govad, instead of attempting to regain control.

The stallion had control, not her. "It's alright. Shhh." she realised that Govad was probably tired, and definately hungry. She would attend to the horse's needs once she didn't die being thrown off. She didn't want to experience that here.

Last time she was thrown from Govad's back, it had been a medow. A soft grass and dirt padded field, where her fall was cusioned ever so slightly. A change from the cobblestone street they now stood on. It would be all too easy to land on her head, break her neck... she was at Govad's mercy now.
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[OOC] God9:29 PM March 31st 2009Show/Hide
Kestrel successfully managed to stay on Govad.
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[OOC] Kestrel of Al'Thania9:29 PM March 31st 2009Show/Hide

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