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The Fieldside Road
View Floor Plan - In case you get lost, this will help you find your way around.
Along the nigh endless stretches of farmland runs an equally long road, paved with stones in some sections, while left to the dirt in others.
Building Health : 100 points
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Freya of Al'Thania12:31 PM March 29th 2009
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Freya swung herself up onto Makeda's back. She would head back towards town. Back towards civilization, and away from spring fields. She didn't need anything there for the time being. She could head back, perhaps work the forge, perhaps something else.

[Climbed onto Makeda]
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[OOC] Freya of Al'Thania9:08 PM March 30th 2009Show/Hide

[OOC] Alvar of Al'Thania11:27 PM July 27th 2009Show/Hide

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