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Wildfire Forge
View Floor Plan - In case you get lost, this will help you find your way around.
The village smithy, furnace no risk of lighting everything ablaze as it angled out through a gap in the wood, allowing the smoke to pump harmlessly outside. Bear, wolf and deer pelts littered the walls, bones piled in the corner with tools set up around an anvil next to the forge.

A simple message on the counter: 'Should you have need of this one for forging weapons and armor of pelt, bone, iron or steel, leave word here. He will take orders should the pay be worth his time.'

[OOC: Only characters with the Blacksmith job can work iron and steel, they must be employed at a smithy to do so. Hunters are the only ones who can work with bone and pelt, but do not need to be employed in one to do so.]
Fortification : 100 points
Building Health : 550 points
Employees : Choly, Karel Erkin [Apply for a Job]
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Kyuro Samaki of Al'Thania11:29 AM April 4th 2009
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It was sad, sad to know that the world was abandoned. No longer it contained any sort of patrons wandering about. No invasions of orcs, no valiant knights bonding together to defeat the threat that had come. No, the world was void, void of living creatures, void of pleasure, void of life.

This was what Kyuro thought of, as he sat on a branch, looking down upon his depressed companions. They too knew that they could be the only one's which still were out here, they too felt the weight of silence falling down upon them. They had been sitting here for days now, just staring, scavenging, and surviving in the abandoned city, or rather, the abandoned forest. The place was nearly empty now, robbed of all food, water, even animals which could provide something to eat. Thus, Kyuro decided it would be time to rid the world of a place empty and lifeless as this. A heavy decision, but Kyuro saw no other choice. Maybe when the land was cleansed of the old, slowly rotting tree structures, a new land could be found, and maybe then, people would come once more.

Sighing, he leaped off the branch, taking out a torch, and asking his dear friend Kyuto for the flint and tinder. "Why?" Kyuto asked, while rummaging around in his bag in search of the requested stuff. "Because this place is no longer of value to anyone. I just hope the ashes will nurture the ground enough to let new life grow here once more. Rotten trees and abandoned homes do not bode well for future life". Kyuto decided not to react on this, and gave the flint and tinder, a moment later a bright fire lighting the darkened forest. "Stand back all… My decision is made, I am going to burn this down to the ground. May new life finds it's way in here once the ashes have spread…". With that, he dropped the torch inside the first tree, only to see the rotten, dry wood catch fire within moments. "Alright! Move it! It will be a matter of minutes before this town is engulfed in flames!".

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[OOC] Kyuro Samaki of Al'Thania11:29 AM April 4th 2009Show/Hide

Lord Felaeris10:48 PM April 4th 2009
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This fire, like those before it, was quickly extinguished. Why the cheetah cherished and maintained this ancient land was beyond any real understanding; a continued and frivolous sentimentality of a time when he was younger, or perhaps a stubborn resolution to protect his acquisitions and trophies.

The fire is mythically sucked out through the forge's chimney; each flicker of flame is belched out with the force of a dragon breath--saving the contents from the orange purge.

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[OOC] Lord Felaeris10:49 PM April 4th 2009Show/Hide

[OOC] Kestrel of Al'Thania6:48 PM June 21st 2009Show/Hide

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