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The Treehouse Tavern
View Floor Plan - In case you get lost, this will help you find your way around.
Festive lanterns strung up in a rainbow of colors graced the branches of this sequoia on the outside and were attached to the walls within in the manner of a massive Christmas tree, allowing the sequoia to be lit up in an array of dazzling, festive - but soft and hardly bothersome - colors the day 'round.

Within the hollowed sequoia, an alluring aroma of fresh herbs and spices, finely prepared venison and hard liquor twined together to whet one's appetite and need for mead, while providing the largest center of company within Pirostia.

In the far back of the sequoia stands an immense and ornate bar, carved directly from the ancient tree. It's ends still connect to the tree, causing the bar to be curved in shape. Behind the bar is hollowed out, leaving space for the barkeep to stand or sit, shelves having been carved into the back wall to hold the various liquors. The various tables, stools and chairs strewn about were carved from fallen Sequoias, and into them intricate designs have been carved. Also located behind the counter is a small, yet reasonable, covered off place. A personal place for the owner to store her items, sleep, and otherwise stay.

[OOC: Taverns sell drinks and food. You may eat these to restore hunger, which allow you to restore more HP when sleeping - and prevent you from losing HP when hunger hits 0. Taverns are also the hubs of RP in any city.]
Fortification : 50 points
Building Health : 700 points
Employees : Averonne, Choly, Senta Meas, Bushbaby Blueberry, Bushbaby Strawberry [Apply for a Job]
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Bushbaby Blueberry took the payment and handed Kestrel the following items: Gold Brick w/ a Slice of Lemon, Whiskey, Blueberry Wine, Pizza, Herbal Tea
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[OOC] Kestrel of Al'Thania6:48 PM June 21st 2009Show/Hide

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