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The Burrough
View Floor Plan - In case you get lost, this will help you find your way around.
Cozy and quaint, this tree was a bit different from the rest. The inside had a polished counter complete with logbook and a shelf of keys behind it. And while there were no doors leading to rooms in sight, given that it was a sequoia, stepping outside one would see a spiraling staircase wrapped around the outside of the tree's trunk leading upwards.

High up top several cottages were nestled firmly amidst the tree's limbs, high enough for a view of most of the village - but nowhere near high enough to see beyond the Elder Sequoia.

[OOC: You can ICly rent a room by speaking to the owner or an employee of an inn. Sleeping in a room owned by you, albiet temporarily being yours, doubles fatigue gain while unconscious - while the inn itself provides a safe and secure location to rest in.]
Fortification : 50 points
Building Health : 650 points
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Kyuro Samaki of Al'Thania12:07 PM April 4th 2009
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"Nothing here either" Kyuro mumbled, while quickly scooting through the inn. Alas, nothing was to be found. Yet another abandoned building left to burn for sure. He ran out of the building, away from the fire and into another building, yet to be claimed by the constant heat that chased Kyuro, and took the village. There were only a few buildings left which were able to sustain the heat, or which weren't yet touched by it, and Kyuro knew the time was near that the entire village would be claimed by the small fire he started. "and from the ashes shall arise a new placeā€¦" he thought sadly.

[Started a Fire]
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[OOC] Kyuro Samaki of Al'Thania12:08 PM April 4th 2009Show/Hide

Lord Felaeris11:11 PM April 4th 2009
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"My the memories of old be cherished treasures; even in the darkest of times. For they shall be the light which guides us into the future." Another fire quelled with a silent incantation. With this final blaze, the city was safe once more. The cheetah, content in his duty, now ventured elsewhere to ready himself for battle. First! He needed to feed his mount so it wouldn't ream him in half the moment he entered combat. Then, he needed to confirm the bandit was still in town. He had a means of accomplishing each.

[Put Fire Out]
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