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Bridge to Hausia
View Floor Plan - In case you get lost, this will help you find your way around.
The bridge to Hausia, a large sturdy structure that rises up in a slope above the water and aids in the connection between the city and the town. It dips down into the Hausian coast so people may safely get off.
Building Health : 100 points
Connects to Arithmere Bridge, Hausia. This journey will take 28 minutes and 45 seconds on foot.
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Ziek Shrownamn6:43 PM March 13th 2009
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Ziek blinked, having readied a blast of energy towards the door, before nodding. He allowed the energy to dissapear, then followed Revjaille`.

[Moved to Main Road in Main Road]
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98 Health Points
100 Mana Points

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[OOC] Freya of Al'Thania1:40 PM March 15th 2009Show/Hide
[Travelled Down the Road]
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[OOC] Freya of Al'Thania12:18 PM March 21st 2009Show/Hide
[Travelled Down the Road]
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[OOC] Freya of Al'Thania4:42 PM March 21st 2009Show/Hide

[OOC] Gavit8:21 PM March 28th 2009Show/Hide

[OOC] Kestrel of Al'Thania5:58 PM April 8th 2009Show/Hide
[Travelled Down the Road]
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[OOC] Kestrel of Al'Thania6:11 PM April 10th 2009Show/Hide

[OOC] Alvar of Al'Thania10:02 PM June 21st 2009Show/Hide

[OOC] Alvar of Al'Thania11:27 PM July 27th 2009Show/Hide

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