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Would it be consider Omniscient Knowledge if...

Chygon11:02 PM May 9th 2008
My character Chygon has spoken to the gods. I was wondering if it would be Omniscient Knowledge if they told him to go to the abandoned town and rescue the corpse of whoever it is that's there? or that they tell him to go there and he discovers it? Could it be considered Omniscient Knowledge?

Irshad1:12 PM May 11th 2008
In the majority of cases, yes, but it generally depends on the specifics. If it does not result in other users being put at a disadvantage, or something like that, then it is generally acceptable, but it's best to tell a staff member (mainly me) what exactly you would like to do, and see if we approve.

Chygon12:06 AM May 17th 2008
Oh okay. I was just goin to bring him to the Garden of the Dead.