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NPC addition

Anonymous Contributing User9:32 AM July 1st 2008
It came to my mind when my inventory stopped me from moving, and I thought, what If I had to transport mass goods from a ship to the city?

I'd have to make numerous trips. Couldn't it be implemented that NPCS can deliver a set amount of inventory to a person or place ?

Irshad10:42 AM July 1st 2008
NPCs can deliver a single item at a time to any person or place - by putting all of your stuff into a crate, you're making it a "single item." So technically, the ability to do that is already there.

Anonymous Contributing User8:49 PM July 1st 2008
Yes, but what if the order was for a ship? Requiring more wood than can be carried, just the division of the wood into carryable piles, the tedious need to allocate it to each Npc then wait the long period for the delivery to be made before even being able to bring them back before giving more,

It all seems to much, making it so you tell them the amount of resources etc to take would improve the game and give less time to tedious tasks that will drive people from the game due to the length of time taken on this boring part.

Irshad12:41 PM July 2nd 2008
If you tell the NPC to deliver something to a person in the same town, it doesn't take more than a few minutes. Even travelling is likely dramatically shorter than you remember, thanks to several updates I've done in the past.