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Grawr, Another NPC thing.

Anonymous Contributing User3:27 PM July 10th 2008
Yes, it is I, J', the powerful God of doom. I don't like these anonymous things, sorry. Anyway, My little.. thing I have here is I was going over NPC things in the anathema chat. And well, I came up with this good idea, i suppose you could call it that. You see, you know how NPC's can't fight since there is no command to? I was thinking you could work something up so that the npc's actually have options on what to be aggressive against and the others on which not to be aggressive with. Say just right now, my Orc NPC attacked a friend. An example of changing this would be:

NPC Aggressive Mode -- Attack any NPC/PC Racial Passive.

Meaning, if all of your NPC's are Orcs, they will attack the others not using the same avatar, for they wouldnt be orcs. Or say, you're going hunting as a human and your hunters are just sitting there with a bunch of wolves or something int he room. An example of this could be:

NPC Aggressive Mode -- Attack all Creatures/Monsters in range.

Or maybe you could lower it down, so there would be a slide, being:

NPC Aggressive Mode -- Attack anything that is a (Insert Types of NPC's in a scrolling window here.)

The actions could go on and so forth. But I would think this would be nice for those players who are tired of their NPC's just sitting there. Acting cool. It makes it seem like, they're just there to be there. Also, I was thinking you could have an NPC target a specific person in the inventory window. So maybe you could order them to in a post, but you have to manually go into their file profile and do all that jazz.

Just a thought!