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My things just... dissapeared?

Kyuro Samaki9:07 AM July 13th 2008
So, I was refining some wood at my forge, and took out the wood to refine. Well, When I clicked the submit button, It said everything was refined. But, when I looked in my inventory, My complete inventory (except for what I carried) Was empty! I lost at least 45 kg worth of food and drink, and I lost 10 refined wood, not to say the other 12 wood I carried to refine and fortify my new ship with.

help required?

Matt7:28 PM July 14th 2008
I've fixed the problem to the best of my ability. If any one else has problems with missing items report to me as soon as possible, it appears to be a glitch that recently popped up and has multiple causes. So far I've noticed two reasons for missing items:

Voting: Doesn't take anything from your inventory, but I've seen several instances where people just aren't given their gold.

Refining wood: I've seen two instances where any unequipped items you have on you will disapear when refining wood.

I'll keep you updated if I find any more instances that seem to have direct causes. I am willing to restore all missing items.