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Character tie to account.

Anonymous Contributing User6:46 AM August 14th 2008
I think that on the profile page, it should show who the character is owned by, because sometimes I dont know who to talk to OOC about it. And I feel a bit stupid when they are in chat under a different characters name.

Irshad9:31 AM August 14th 2008
The reason there is nothing anywhere on the site tying a character's name to their account is simply for privacy. We don't necessarily encourage people to reveal what characters they play (though they are free to if they wish), because it can interfere with how others may treat them. (Some people may have grudges against another, and thus be more inclined to have their characters act rudely towards the other's characters)

Anonymous Contributing User9:41 AM August 14th 2008
Fair enough, but that's strictly against the rules, which i'm sure are abided, but I can understand that some dont want people to know whose characters are theirs.